In order to organize the operations of 'Oasis Virtual Airlines' (from now on 'AAN'), the airline considers necessary the implementation of a general regulation, of obligatory compliance on the part of all the pilots.
Last update 2019-10-16.

General rules.

Art. 1. 'AAN', is created as a Spanish virtual airline, non-profit, for online flight in IVAO/VATSIM/POSCON networks. The ICAO code for the airline is 'AAN', and the callsign will be 'AAN', plus the member number or the assigned flight number. The address of the airline's website is and the general contact email address is
Art. 2. When flying in IVAO/VATSIM/POSCON networks, the general regulations of 'AAN' will be generated by these organizations, although internal rules are established.
Art. 3. The official name of the Airline is that of 'Oasis Virtual Airlines', corresponding to the ICAO of 'AAN' and same callsign, calling and answering as 'ISAR' plus the flight number.

Confidentiality of personal data.

Art. 4. The personal data of the members registered in 'AAN', will be for internal use, exclusively communicative purpose, as established by applicable legislation. Any attempt of sabotage, hacking or alteration of the systems of the company, will be cause for immediate cancellation of the service, being able in addition, taking the opportune legal actions in matter of damages and damages caused.

Management team.

Art. 5. The management team and manager of 'AAN', is composed of the people listed on the main website and in operations. The aforementioned management team will be responsible for the daily operation of the airline and the maintenance of its web page, as well as the relations with IVAO/VATSIM/POSCON and the entities that were needed. The management team is open to suggestions, ideas or proposals, from any component of the airline, which will be treated with the utmost respect and interest. Likewise, it will be in charge of the Instruction of the pilots of the Airline and of the updates requested by them.

Base airport.

Art. 6. The base airport of the 'AAN' fleet is established in LEMD.

Voice/text services.

Art. 7. 'AAN', has the voice/text services listed on the main website and operations. In the case of instant messaging, the age to request to be in them, is +18 years. Under no circumstances will political conversations be allowed and/or share or report illegal content (eg pirated software, etc ...); it will be grounds for expulsion.


Art.8. 'AAN' gives total freedom to its members, so that they fly to where, when and with the aircraft they want, from and to any place in the world. However, in operations only the aircraft introduced in the system and which are those detailed in Article 11 will be available.


Art. 9. 'AAN', makes available to its members, a fleet of aircraft composed of those listed on the main website and in operations.


Art. 10. In 'AAN', no ranges have been defined.


Art. 11. To maintain the status of active in 'AAN', the user must report a minimum of 2 flight hours per week or equivalent to 8 hours per month. In case of prolonged inactivity due to the user's need, the user must notify the management team of the VA, by sending an email to the company's address.
Art. 12. In the event of inactivity, not reporting a single flight, for 30 days (15 days in the case of new registrations), without having received notification of the same or reply by the latter of the Airline's notices, will be removed. The purpose of 'AAN', is not to have a large staff of pilots, but that those who are within it know to fly as much as possible. Even so, on the part of the Administration and Direction of the Airline there is a total predisposition to teach, teach and facilitate to whichever user wishes the learning of the topics and updates related to air navigation.

Flight reports.

Art. 13. All flights made by 'AAN' members must be reported through the operations website and under the company's call. It is not allowed to report a flight with a different company code.
The reports will be validated first in the virtual flight networks and later (if everything is correct) in the own operations system.
Flights with the same departure and destination airfield (touch and go, for example), will not be registered by the system, so a manual flight report will be created with your data.
Offline flight reports (disconnected from virtual flight networks) are strictly prohibited. The affected user will be notified and if they continue their attitude, they will be removed as a member of the virtual airline.
A maximum disconnection time of 20 minutes will be accepted due to FS or PC crash (you must report UTC times with a brief explanation when submitting the flight). When reconnecting to the network, your flight must be initiated no farther than 100nm from the point of disconnection.




Specific IVAO VA System

Reports to IVAO (VA System) of flights that have not been made connected to this virtual flight network are strictly prohibited. The affected user will be notified and if they continue their attitude, they will be removed as a member of the virtual airline.
Flight reports that do not exist in the IVAO system (VA System) will be eliminated from the user's flights log.
The flight reports to IVAO (VA System) with disconnections at origin and destination, must be justified and must not be repeated over time.
After connecting to the network, your aircraft must be stationary while online, on the apron or gate for a minimum of 6 minutes.
After landing and taxi to the apron or gate, your aircraft must be stationary while online for a minimum of 6 minutes.
After completing a flight and had waited 6 minutes as required, you must disconnect from the network before starting your next flight.
There is a period of 24 hours to send the report to the IVAO system; After this period has elapsed and if it has not been made, the report will be removed from the system and flight hours will not be counted.

Sign up of members.

Art. 14. To belong to 'AAN', it is necessary that the interested party has, at least, +16 years and request the registration in operations. Once the application is received, it will be reviewed and in the shortest time possible, the candidate will be informed of his/her admission to 'AAN', if applicable, by email. In that email, you will receive the information you need to start at 'AAN'.
Art. 15. 'AAN', reserves the right to block the access of new members to the VA, at any time and without prior notice, being able to reopen access when it deems appropriate.
Art. 16. Links to social network accounts with political, violent or any other content that contravene national laws and/or international regulations, will not be accepted.

Sign out of pilots.

Art. 17. A member may withdraw from 'AAN' for the following reasons:
- By own will, by request by email to the address.
- Falseness in the data provided when registering with the airline.
- Offline flight report (disconnected from virtual flight networks).
- Flight report to IVAO (VA System) without having made them connected to the aforementioned network.
- Flight report to IVAO (VA System) with unjustified disconnections at origin and destination.
- Due to inactivity in the Company (see information in the ACTIVITY section).
- When a member demonstrates an incorrect attitude, disrespectful or contrary to the principles that govern good coexistence; whatever the medium used and even if you are not flying with the 'AAN' code (possible exceptions).
- When a member is expelled from an online flight network (subject to study).
- When a member of 'AAN', extract exclusive information for members of the VA, in order to make it reach other people not belonging to the airline.
- When the management team considers acts of sufficient gravity for the expulsion of the member.


Art. 18. 'AAN', establishes a system of rewards for its users. The rewards obtained will appear on your card.

Information submission.

Art. 19. The members who wish to do so, may send to the Company, any information and/or documentation that they consider may improve the activity of the 'AAN' members. The information received will be analyzed by the management team and, if applicable, it will form part of the Airline's Database, appearing in the place of publication that corresponds to it and with the name of the member who contributed it.


Art. 20. 'AAN' reserves the right to make changes in the regulations at the time it is appropriate. It will be your responsibility to check the regulations periodically to see if any changes have been made that may affect you.


Art. 21. Membership of 'AAN' is totally incompatible with the membership of a board of directors of any other virtual airline. This situation is the cause of the non-admission at the time of registration and withdrawal in the event that it occurs during the membership of 'AAN'.