About us

We are a group of people, passionate about aviation and we organize ourselves to enjoy our passion: aerial simulation.

We are not related to any real company. It is a virtual simulation environment, non-profit.

Total freedom to its members, to fly to where, when and with the aircraft they want, from and to anywhere in the world using the online flight networks IVAO/VATSIM/POSCON.

Thanks to the various communication channels (E-Mail - Discord), the needs, doubts and/or problems that may arise practicing our passion, are usually solved, almost, instantly.

We all put our grain of sand.

Our exclusive operating system covers all daily needs as virtual pilots.

  • Reservation and dispatch system for regular flights (+700 optimized routes).

  • Shipping system for charters flights.

  • No need to use external software. Goodbye to ACARS software. Automatic report to the web and with a single click to IVAO.

  • Statistics: now for flying and participating in the company's events you will get points and at the end of years we will see who is the 'King of Heaven'.

  • Video tutorials: in less than 5 minutes discover how easy it is to move around the web and operate on it.

  • Calendar of events and news: all news and events will be notified on the main screen. Prepare to fly across the five continents.

  • Automatic allocation of rewards after events.

  • And more...

We offer:

  • Technical support via Discord.

  • Voice Servers (Discord).

  • Help and instant messaging via Discord (+18 years old).

  • Exclusive operations system.

  • Exclusive textures.

  • Exclusive downloads.

  • Enjoy our passion.